Atlas de parasitologia online dating

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For the proper identification of diseases we have consulted some classic Spanish dictionaries [This review was carried out using data including more than 60 documentary sources from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.

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The traditional use of 18 invertebrate species and five ethnotaxa and a total of 86 empirical remedies based on the use of a single species was recorded.As for the type of these 53 sources, we have obtained use-reports from six theses, four of which approach the study of EVM in a particular geographical area, and two belong to the field of ethnobotany.We also obtained data from 26 journal papers, most of them (80 %) published in journals in the field of folklore and ethnography, and 21 books, nine concerning superstition, folklore or ethnobotany, five within the scope of ethnomedicine and only seven directly related to EVM.Zootherapeutics are usually applied in simple ways, mostly through direct application to the affected area and without preparation.Note should be taken, too, of the use of olive oil in the preparation of 16 remedies.

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