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Even in spite of her seeming mercilessness, the main petite heroine of Pornbuffy cartoon turns out to be a typical girl not strange to simple earthly pleasures - like the pleasures of steamy hardcore sex, for instance.

They will be doing what you have always dreamt to see them doing - all these busty elf babes and valiant knights with huge cocks will come banging like there ain't no tomorrow in front of your eyes on the pages of this site!An avatar is not mere materialization or appearance of God in physical form for the sake of his devotees.It is neither a disguise nor a trick played upon our senses. It requires the birth of God in physical form, through the natural process and his existence upon earth in physical form undergoing the same experiences as living beings.But in some cases that alone may not deter some from causing a great imbalance in the working of the worlds or interfering with the lives of other people through their actions.When their number increases disproportionately, God decides to take matter into His own hands and comes down to earth in physical form to restore order and morality.

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