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Now, go and get those actors this minute, Mr Thicky Black Thicky Adder Thicky. If you are looking to find the best Blackadder quotes online, then check out this collection. By his loins shall ye know him, and by the length of his rod shall he be measured. This Blackadder quote comes from the last episode of the first series.Blackadder quotes are updated daily, and so you can pick a new one every day of the year! You can find the full script here The girls is wetter than a haddock’s bathing costume.As well as our Blackadder quotes, you can also find series and episode descriptions, as well as complete scripts for all the shows. A great line from Blackadder, even though she didn’t turn out to be wet after all!You can read the full script for Amy and Amiability here – Blackadder Full Scripts Online. One of the closing lines from the last ever episode of Blackadder.

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