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Will it be: The Filipino Dream or the Philippine Dream? A Philippine Dream leading to a Filipino Dream centuries from now.

If we fail, we are stuck to being what we are now: banana men.

Before thoughts unfold, let it be clear that REFORMS—seeking a Philippine Dream—start and are expected to be instigated from the TOP; while REVOLUTIONS are upheavals exploding from BELOW. Mindanao, the Philippines’ land of promise, is the symbol of the country’s grand illusion to progress—a towering monument of national failure to take proper care of its people and its natural resources.

There is no Mindanao land of promise, much more a Mindanao dream, only unending pockets of nightmares to its multi-ethnic inhabitants.

No utopic dream for its citizens to rise above his worth.More apt perhaps is to understand it as an entity of many pieces across time and space, that achieving the greatest number of pieces—realizes the dream.The Philippine Constitution defines the Philippine Dream, piecemeal.To recapitulate in more specific terms the essence of Noynoy’s vision is about three concerns: restoring people’s virtue of right and wrong, harnessing resources for economic prosperity, and resurrecting the structures of governance as instruments of social justice. As it is more down to earth, current, and doable and non-committal where it should not be.The vision looks inadequate and simplistic without belaboring its context.

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