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I find the sillage to be short and the duration to be moderate.

It could all be a little louder but I'm not really bothered by that, especially given the sort of intimacy I think this fragrance is meant for.

Just has a bar soapy smell, but like a manliness to it.

The projection isn't super strong as I've doused myself in like 4 sprays and it isn't overpowering me. Always great to have a variety of safe fragrances in your collection. After using Dior's Eau Sauvage Ed P (2012 and this year -2017) I've learned the mathematics of Vetiver.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a new edition for men and it arrives on the market in September 2009.

The perfume was announced as one with dominant vetiver accompanied with salty notes and sunny, woody accords.

Online shops offers:2 items for 51.95 - 59.95 GBPFragrance 3 items for 58.49 - 84.49 USDFragrance EUR 2 items for 68.15 - 100.37 EURFragrance 2 items for 79.44 - 116.99 USDView products...The vetiver is present, but it’s perfectly balanced with semi-sweet notes and a dry soapiness. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone, however, if you’re searching for straightforward vetiver scent, I’d steer you toward Guerlain or Carven.This is the fragrance my friend and I refer to jokingly, but only in part, as "eu de daddy" -- not the cruel or domineering kind mind you, a capable dance lead's all we mean.I was working at my desk and suddenly I thought I could smell someone brewing tea - maybe green tea - in the kitchen, but when I went over to look there was no sign anyone had been there.I figure it must have been the sage giving me a playful tap on the shoulder.

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