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Jan 1 localhost kernel: [ 20.026368] CIFS VFS: default security mechanism requested.

I've decided to put my root to a usb flash drive and boot my pi from that, because on my SD, arch got corrupted every week...

But since then theres one problem bugging me: the NTP daemon won't sync anymore on boot and every reboot sets me back to 1970.

I already reinstalled ntp and use the default /etc/(removed the old one, renamed /etc/pacman to .conf)My Pi uses a static IP of and the router is on (which itself also does provide a NTP server)my /etc/netctl/network:but it doesnt work on boot this even bugged me right now while rgistering on the forum (human challenge: output of date -u %V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g' is just plain wrong when you live in the 70's ) This may be someting you need to ask on the Arch Linux ARM boards. The Rasbperry Pi doesn't have a Real Time Clock.

So maybe you should do a bit of searching in the ARM boards (or other Raspberri Pi boards in general) and see if you can find an answer.

[[email protected] ~]$ ps aux | grep ntp ntp 196 0.0 0.4 5084 1900 ?

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