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Still, it’s hard to say how much of a smoking gun this is, because it’s one of many routings that Zaharie had simulated. Without more information, we can’t discount scenarios involving mechanical malfunction.

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If the engines failed simultaneously (unlikely) the plane would stay aloft somewhat longer.

But, they have to respond quickly and appropriately.

The hypoxia idea has been there from the beginning (I’m one of several people who’ve been citing it as a possibility, right from day one), but has been lost amidst the more colorful theories of pilot suicide, hijacking, UFO abduction, and so forth.

It’s because hand-flying a jet for several hours, on a more or less straight course across the ocean, would be incredibly tedious. This is another example of the media relying on outside specialists (military sources, aeronautics professors, researchers and bureaucrats) to comment on commercial airline operations — something they often know very little about.

Meanwhile, the latest reports are saying that hypoxia — that is, the crew falling unconscious due to lack of oxygen — appears to be the “best fit” for the MH 370 mystery.

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