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Many other components are recognizable as exclusive-RCA parts and included the "Magic Eye" cathode ray tuning indicator.

RCA included a BFO, a sensitivity control, a noise suppressor circuit and a headset output jack - all necessities for a communication receiver.

It is all original and has its complete original coil set (15 coils) in the original rack mounted coil holder.

In March 1933, Radio News published an article by James Millen titled "Testing a Modern Superhet" that described National's procedure for testing and aligning the AGS receiver.

Frequency coverage of the RHM is 2.3mc up to 15.0mc using a set of 15 coils.

Plug-in coils to select the tuning ranges, a separate power supply and a micrometer-type tuning dial are foremost in the design and were to become standard features for National receivers over the next several years.

Since the RHM was a commercial airways receiver it had to be built with the best material and best parts available to assure top reliability and performance.

The AGS was upgraded with newer tube types and other changes during its short production life (probably two or three production runs totaling no more than 300 receivers.) The major change was with the introduction of the AGS-X that added a front panel BFO control and a James Lamb type crystal filter to the receiver.

In 1934, optional 10 meter coils were added as the AGS frequency coverage was increased to reflect the needs of a "ham receiver" - although at 5, not many hams could afford it.

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