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Yes, it is generally good to stay away from these types of topics, and it is especially good to stay away from these topics on a first date if you want to keep it from turning awkward. We got on a politically and religiously charged topic, and by the end of our short date, I am certain that she thought I was a cafeteria Catholic racist that disregards basic human dignity, none of which is true.

I can hear the objections right now: “But when you go out on dates, you’re supposed to discern whether this person could be your spouse and that includes discussing political and religious topics! The conversation turned so awkward because of politics that I actually went home and deactivated my Catholic Match profile for a few months in an attempt to recover from the awkwardness. If being set up by an ex-girlfriend wasn’t awkward enough, it got even more awkward when the date started talking politics with a loud enough voice that the people sitting around us in Panera started looking over their shoulder.

“I met my husband in an online game we both played. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him ten years earlier.” 6. Our first date was over two years ago now, and we’re still going strong today.” 10.

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The date was so awkward that the mere mention of the word “first date” unleashes a torrent of uncomfortable memories.We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week and had our first kid.” via GIPHY 11. Two days later was my birthday, and he took me out to breakfast.We continued seeing each other after that, and we have now been married happily for two years.” via GIPHY 13. I was going to stay on the couch, but she invited me to the bed. “It was awkward at first, honestly, but we quickly warmed up to each other.The relationship itself lasted four years; it is the best relationship I have ever had.” via GIPHY 5. I was so shy that I couldn’t make eye contact, so I just went in for a hug and stayed there. His kindness and charm erased any awkwardness I might have felt. I think it was more nerve-wracking when we Face Timed for the very first time ever!

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