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We are currently experiencing the second golden age of fighting games, and while there lots of great ones to play right now, Street Fighter 4 kicked in the door and let them all in, re-establishing fighting games as a broadly appealing genre.

It sounds gross, and it is, but it helped established Dead Space as the PS3’s essential horror game.

Far Cry 3’s Rook Island establishes itself from the first moment as an absolutely insane and lethal video game location, filled with an equally off-kilter collection of villains, “helpful” friends, and wild animals. This narrative emphasis on insanity and control is a perfect fit for the game’s open-world FPS gameplay.

It often feels like protagonist Jason Brody - and indeed virtually every other member of of the cast - is losing it. You could clear an enemy compound through careful traps, planning, and stealth.

Few first person shooters set their sights as high as Bioshock Infinite did, and though it struggled to reconcile its relentlessly action-packed pace with its thoughtful thematics, it still soared to impressive heights.

The floating city of Columbia is one of the most memorable locales in recent gaming memory, and it’s filled with characters who are equally memorable.

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