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Maybe, just maybe your initial assessment was a bit too stern, you think, as you come to a stop and climb out.

Maybe you should take into account the big boot (MCV stands for Maximum Capacity Vehicle, which is held up by the 1,518 litres of space you get when you fold the rear seats) and ignore how much of the painted steel bodywork is exposed even to those sat inside the vehicle (even plastic trim is too expensive at this end of the market).

State and national education agencies do not report some or all of this data for private schools like this one, so we are unable to provide a rating.

HOC does not discriminate in the employment, promotion, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; benefits, and/or selection for training with regards to race, creed, sex, color, age, marital status, political or union affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical or mental disabilities.

And you should definitely remember that price, which is low enough to gain it an extra star, just as it would lose one if it was much more expensive than it should be.

But then you get into a “modern” car again and are reminded just how far behind the curve the Logan MCV is, charming though it might be.

Thrummy and willing to rev, it shifts the one-ton Logan along quite nicely, putting all 100lb ft of torque to good use.

The steering is slow and there’s lots of roll, but because the movements are all so pronounced you’re never left in any doubt what the Dacia is doing or how close to its limits you are (quite, is probably the answer).After driving modern vehicles with their surplus of grip and power it’s like being in your first car all over again, learning how to set yourself up for a corner in a way that will best minimise the limitations of the chassis.And for that same reason it’s also really quite good fun.The salaries listed for each position represent the minimum starting salary for the position.FT indicates a full time position and PT indicates a part time position.

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