Steam keeps validating my games

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I'm just saying i didn't have any problems with the game updates and such and propably 95% of the other people are the same...

there's always someone in every game ever released that has a some kind of problem but that doesn't mean developers failed when few people have some problems. if we both did the same and i have the game working and u dont i cant see how it would be developers fault?

I were offline on steam until i was sure the game was unlocked (i had already AP and CW installed) then i went online on steam and i had auto-update on so the steam started to update CW immediately as i went online.

steam keeps validating my games-52

steam keeps validating my games-49

They - that is, Valve, 1C, whoever - really needs to set up Crossworlds so that it doesn't step all over Armored Princess.

Steam then either doesn't let the game play, or you're not seeing the content to Crossworlds.

The issue being that Steam goes into some kind of a loop of validating KBAP's content, then Steam validates KBCR(crossworlds) content.

After those long 2 hours, I was then able to start clicking on the Orc banner and playing the new Orc campaign... Do we have to start again all the way from the start? and by mistake I click on the Armored Princess button in my Steam list instead of Crossword and then *gasp* it start AGAIN to update it from 0% !!!!! because i havent encountered any of these problems and steam is same globally so it means there must be something you're doing wrong. My version of both Steam and KB Armor Princess were fresh, new, clean installs this morning since I mistakenly wiped out all my games when I uninstalled Steam from my computer. Unless it's in the installer telling users, we can't assume nor should we even expect them to go to some forum to see if there is some special instructions.

But the game is starting a new Armored Princess game from the beginning! I thought we were supposed to be able to continue from a save game? One should not need special instructions to install an expansion pack.

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