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Well I guess the best thing I would say was — I was pretty wild.I’ve done some pretty wild things in the sexual activity part of things.Even though I never went to school there, I still consider myself a part of Auburn, and I think that’s a great thing. I guess, if I had to have a favorite — is when I was most tipsy probably — was at at the 2013 Iron Bowl, and I was losing it.I thought we were losing and was already out the door, and then all of a sudden they called me back and I heard them screaming and it was so fun, all at the last second. Most of the time, I guess you could say fishing and taking care of them grandbabies.Anytime I can help someone or make someone laugh, that’s amazing.They’ve got to control the offensive line for us to have that running game, and to give White time to do what he needs to do if we have to throw the ball.When Auburn is winning, it’s OK because he just stays quiet, but if Alabama is winning, I’m running my mouth.

My Fed Ex driver is an Auburn fan too, and he said, “Tammy, you have got to listen to this,” and he put it on the Finebaum show — on JOX 94.5 FM back then — and I listened to it in his truck for a few minutes, and I said, “Hey, who in the world do these people think they are? ” Well, I tell you what, that’s what made me call …

“Shane from Center Point.” He made me so mad talking about Auburn the way he was talking about Auburn, and I just told my Fed Ex driver, “Do you know this number? Phyllis, and she is a hot tamale for Alabama — there ain’t no doubt about that! She gave me and my husband a wedding gift when we got married, little wine glasses.

” and we waited for him to say it over on the show, and I called in right then and there and responded to “Shane from Center Point.” Oh, I love Finebaum. He knows a lot about sports, and I know people say he doesn’t. But I’m the same for Auburn, and we both have that mutual respect for each other. I think it would be super-awesome if we could sit down and just talk, but we ain’t never got the opportunity.

I don’t think it’s going to be a high-scoring game.

I don’t think Auburn’s going to let up on Alabama, and both of us are defensive teams.

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